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Whether it's a trip to the Eiffel Tower or even Blackpool Tower, nothing beats getting away from it on a weekend break, especially if you take the dreaded Monday off work!

Not many people like going away on their own so most of us make plans with our partners or friends to take to the skies and touch down somewhere foreign and exotic (if we're lucky).

Weekend getaways have never been so popular and we really have the budget airlines to thank for that. Seriously, did you ever think you get to Rome or Paris for 1p each way plus taxes?? And even the regular airlines have had to reduce their prices to keep up with the competition so though their a little pricier they're still fantastic value.

And now that our minds have been awoken to the fabulous hot spots that are available to us we can barely contain ourselves for the want of a few days off to travel Europe and the World. Just think a quick hop and stop and you could be in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Iceland, Sweden, Austria or even Poland and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Weekend breaks are little tasters for our summer holidays and are an absolute must for any hard working woman out there. So why not make a plan with a few friends to get away from all soon and make your next weekend break the best ever!

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Weekend Break